Air Tactical

Professional quality Air Tactical Fire Suppression aircraft and pilots for Wild land Fire Management in the United States.

Charter Aircraft

Spur Aviation has the capability with our aircraft to carry up to seven passengers and bags throughout the United States.

Easy Charter Booking

We are capable of flying a total of seven passengers plus a pilot; we have a range of 1200nm,  large cargo area for bags with speeds of 300 knots.

Top Equipment

Spur Aviation owns and operates 12 Turbine Aero-Commanders, these are a high wing, pressurized, air conditioned aircraft updated with the latest avionics.


We have some of the best pilots in the industry, our pilots have on average 5,000 hours or more of flying time


Spur Aviation Services LC receives awards every year for our outstanding in house maintenance this has lead to 15,000 hours of incident free flying in the past five years.

Who we are…

A few words about us

Spur Aviation Services, LC is a Part 135 company based in Twin Falls, Idaho (KTWF) and has been in business since 2002.  Our specialty is providing first response Air Attack Aircraft in support of Wild land Fire Fighting Operations in the summer.  In addition we provide aircraft for Charter work around the US.

What we stand for…

Professionalism, safety & respect

Spur Aviation is all about professionalism, safety, respect and providing for our customers needs.  Please contact us if you are interested in working for Spur Aviation Services LC., either as a pilot or a maintenance technician.  If you are interested in a private charter please contact us for a quote.

12 Turbine Aero Commanders


17 Years

of experience

5000 plus hours flying time


15000 hours

incident free flying

Travel in style

Charter an aircraft for your next adventure

Plan your next trip using our professional charter aircraft services. Plan a night on the strip in Las Vegas, visit Lake Havasu for Spring Break or catch the fresh powder from your favorite ski resort.

Spur Aviation has the capability with our aircraft to carry up to seven passengers and bags.  The Aero-Commander is a comfortable, quiet Turbine aircraft and is capable of reaching over 1200 nautical miles without refueling.

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